Track time by writing stuff down

An alternative approach to time tracking that uses neither stopwatches, timers nor web forms. Write down when you started and stopped working, then let some clever software figure out when and how much you worked and have it all easily exported to CSV, Excel or Google Spreadsheets.

On your laptop

Use your favorite editor / notepad / TextEdit and track time by writing stuff down as per below:

Or, if you want to add more information to your time reports / logs:

Hint: For a keyboard shortcut for inserting these timestamps into your favorite editor, check this out

On your smartphone

As per on the desktop, use Notes / EverNote / Bear on your smartphone to track time by writing stuff down. In lieu of a good way to insert timestamps on smartphones, you can use the compact log format, as per below (use one note per day):

Generating time reports

To actually see when and how much you have worked, either calculate the times manually from your logs or use the clever software that we will be releasing soon to not have to do it manually.

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